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  • So, my male model will be naked?"
    Butt naked, my friend.
  • How do I plan my event?
    To plan with NudeTO, we ask that you read through our packages and decide which is right for your group. Then, give a call or send us an email with your preferred date, time, group size, and location. If you're unsure, send us an email with your date, group size, and the package(s) you are interested in. We're happy to help you to pick the best package for your group and provide more information.
  • Where are you located?
    NudeTO hosts events throughout the GTA, with our hosting locations in the entertainment district of Toronto. We have three core locations, however we are also happy to host in your home, party room, airbnb, or other locations that can fit your group!
  • I have a small group, is there an alternative package for our group?"
    Smaller groups are welcome to book our full packages even if they do not fulfill the group size. However, if smaller groups are looking for a more cost effective option, we ask that you email us as EARLY as possible. With ample time, we can work to pair you with another group (or a few other groups to create a MEGA bachelorette night of fun), and charge you on a per person basis. These groups can be a great way to meet other girls to celebrate alongside & still recieve all the benefits of a private event.
  • Can we provide our own alcohol?
    No. All alcohol must be provided by NudeTO. If you would like to include a different/larger amount of bubbly/wine/etc., please let us know and we will try our best to accomodate.
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