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Wedding Dress Shopping: The Appointment.

Now the research is done, the Pinterest boards are exhausted, and you're ready for your time to shine among tulle and organza. Being prepared for your dress appointment is important, as we've previously discussed. However, when the appointment day comes, there are other steps you can take to be certain you enjoy the process. What Steps? We've got answers. You've decided on the where and what, now what about the who, when, and how?

Who? You, Silly.

...And your mom, MOH, three best friends, grandmother, mother-in-law, and the lady at Timmies who smiled when you dropped a coffee on your wedding planner. As much as bringing everyone you love sounds like a great idea, it also means many opinions and multiple schedules. When attending your dress appointments, try only to include those who will support you, and be honest with kindness. Brides are often discouraged from "the one" by pushy family and friends, who may be just trying to help. Worried your family, friends, or others will be upset if they're not invited? Offer to send pictures (if allowed by the boutique), and let them know that most stores have a limit to the number of guests each bride can invite. It isn't your fault.

Tip: Bring along photos of the dress/dresses you're interested in, and work with the consultant towards finding similar pieces. Images are often a more concise way to describe your wants/needs. As a bonus, pictures offer more insight than description if you don't know all the bridal terminology.

How? However You Want.

If you try on the very first dress and fall in love, that's ok. If you make it through 6 boutiques and it's lucky dress number 45? That's ok too. There is no perfect equation for how many dress each bride tries on before they find the one. However, if you've found it, even on dress one? Stop looking. Trying on numerous dresses may sound fun, but it also can cause confusion and frustration when dress shopping. Be decisive and take control once you've fallen in love with a dress.

Tip: Not sure what to wear to your appointments? Most boutiques will give you instructions, but as a general guideline: No makeup, strapless bra, leggings, and UNDERWEAR (yes, it must be said). Want to feel extra pretty for your appointment? Lash extensions, a good base tan (we wouldn't recommend a spray tan), a good manicure, or blowing your hair out the day before will make you feel extra special & more comfortable.

When? At Least 6 Months Before.

Rush orders are possible, but often expensive and limited to a few gowns/sample sizes. Ensure that you have ample time one you've found your dress to have it brought in and altered. If you're in a rush, ensure you discuss this with your consultant before trying on any dresses. Avoiding the disappointment of loving a dress you cannot have (this also applies to budget), is critical.

Tip: Once you're ready to order your dress, order it in your size! You may be on a wedding diet, or have amazing intentions to lose weight before the big day, and we support you 1000%. But planning a wedding is stressful, and it's much easier to have your dress taken in than to have them let it out. It's also extremely disheartening if you're unable to meet your goal, and you should only feel joy and excitement when receiving your dress.

Do you have a dress shopping story we need to hear? Or more advice for our bachelorette ladies planning for a day at the boutiques? Let us know!

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