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Wedding Dress Shopping: Before the Appointment

A good appointment, bridal or otherwise, begins with proper research. Whether it's deciding on a fit, a budget, or a boutique, no appointment is the same. However, there are some methods and words of wisdom that every bride should live by. Bridal shopping should be a fun, personal, and memorable experience. To alleviate yourself of some of the pressures, personal or financial, and prepare yourself before your day (on the little podium in the boutique), we've developed some tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

Know your Boutiques

Although beautiful, Kleinfeld is not your only option, nor a one stop shop for all your bridal experiences (even if TLC taught us otherwise). Toronto boasts some of the most unique, glamorous, and fittingly aesthetic bridal boutiques you could imagine. Many carry a variety of designers, and offer different experiences to fit your style and budget. If you're looking for a breakdown on some of the most highly recommended Toronto locations, we love this article on some of the most popular and highly rated locations. We suggest looking into the locations that best fit your aesthetic and budget, and giving them a call to book an appointment. Make sure to ask what you're expected to wear, to bring, and how many guests/friends you're allowed to bring. Some locations book up to six months in advance, so doing your research early in your planning timeline is crucial.

Know your Fit

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, just like us. Yet finding the perfect fit can sometimes be a difficult task. For some women, a wedding is their one chance to wear a ball gown, and they become extremely fixated on the look. Others would rather look sexy in a mermaid or curve hugging silhouette, with a corset bodice and cut-outs or mesh. Whatever your preference, try to research dresses that fit your style, while simultaneously keeping an open mind. Admittedly, easier said then done. Sometimes the best fit for you isn't what you expected, and sometimes the stylist knows best. Stick to your convictions when discussing your wishes with your consultant, but try to respect their years of experience and expertise. More often than not, they'll surprise you with their intuition and pick a dress you'll love, over a dress you like, with proper guidance and communication.

Know your Budget

bride dress budget

Your budget is not a reflection of the value of your dress. Keep this mantra with you during each and every aspect of searching for the one. There are exquisite dresses in every price range, and your dress will be perfect for you. Keeping this in mind, deciding on a budget is crucial to your wedding dress search. First, decide who is paying for the dress. If a parent or relative has offered, ask for their budget and expectations. Sometimes, these "gifts" come with stipulations, and you need to have clear communication before entering into such a process with someone else's funds. Alternatively, if you and your fiancé are paying for the dress, discuss your top end and comfortable price range. We love this article exploring different wedding budgets and their complementary budgets.

So no matter the time it takes, remember the value of research and knowledge when it comes to purchasing your dress. Be prepared for your appointments, ask questions, and have honest discussions with those you love. By taking these small steps, you can ensure a more simple, memorable, and enjoyable wedding shopping experience!



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